Masgutova Graduate School


Additional Information

As a new institution, MGSNS is not eligible to offer financial aid assistance. All tuition, fees, and supplies will be the responsibility of the student. Current year expenses are estimated as follows.

Tuition, Fees, And Materials/Lab Equipment

The Tuition Fee Invoice will be available immediately following registration via the student portal. The Tuition Fee Invoice includes the cost of tuition per credit hour registered and all applicable fees for the semester.

Fee Payment Deadlines are published on the calendar. All tuition and fees must be paid or have a payment plan arrangement in place by the deadline to avoid late fees and/ or holds to the account.

Payment of tuition and fees can be made by check or credit card no later than the payment deadline.

  • A personal check can be mailed to PO Box 891 Belmont, NC 28012 Attn: MGSNS Financial Aid . Please do not send cash.
  • Credit card can be used online through the student services portal. After logging in to your account you will see your courses and balance to be paid.


$750.00 per credit hour for Master degree courses
$500.00 per credit for Audited/ Non-degree seeking courses

One Time Fees
Application fee is $50.00
Graduation fee is $100.00

Semester Fees
Technology fee is $20.00
Library fee is $20.00

The cost of textbooks will vary based upon the course. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure all materials that need to be purchased for a course are acquired prior to the start of class.