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Welcome to the Masgutova
Graduate School
of Neurodevelopmental Sciences

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This novel and unique Master of Science degree in NeuroDevelopmental Sciences is designed to allow each learner to apply the coursework to their area of focus: Infants, Education, Trauma & Stress, or General application.

About The Program


The purpose of The Masgutova Graduate School of Neurodevelopmental Sciences is to offer a master's program focused on innovative knowledge and research of sensorimotor reflex integration, neuromodulation, and neurodevelopment for improvement of physical, social, cognitive, and emotional well-being.

This innovative master's degree targets an interdisciplinary population of health, counseling, wellness and education professionals and assists students in following their career path in continued research and development for the application of sensorimotor reflex integration and neuromodulation with their target population.

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About The Research

Research is at the center of our dedication to advancing the field of Neurodevelopmental Sciences. Graduate students will use research to enrich their learning, as well as, conduct research that focuses on their desired population within the field.

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