Masgutova Graduate School


Academics within the Masgutova Graduate School are focused on Neurodevelopmental Sciences. This focus provides the opportunity for all to be able to refine the skills necessary to be master of their craft.

To assist with this goal, a research library is available through the learning management system. Externships, labs, and research components were strategically built into the curriculum to allow students the opportunity to apply their learning a manner that is meaningful for them.

Attendance and participation are critical components to any successful academic career. While this degree is hybrid (online and in-person), the online courses do have assignment deadlines and activities to be completed on a weekly basis. Specific online and in-person attendance policy can be found in the catalog (point to it).

Assessment of student learning is another important aspect of student learning. As a Master's in Science degree, this program will utilize a variety of forms of assessment to ensure the learning outcomes are being met. These range from classroom discussions to written projects or exams and from quizzes to case studies and research projects.