Masgutova Graduate School


Auditing is available for Degree and Non-degree seeking students. 

  • Degree seeking students will have the option to take a course that they have transferred in as an auditor should they choose to.
  • Non-degree seeking students will complete all desired courses as an auditor. 

Audit Courses

Audit is a registration status allowing students to attend a course without receiving credit, called an Auditor. Audit units do not count toward full-time status, nor do audited courses count toward the determination of continuous enrollment.

A student auditing a course is expected to attend classes on a regular basis as an observer. Auditors do not take examinations or submit class work. Registration and payment due dates are the same as the for-credit classes.

Cost of Auditing
• $500.00 per Credit
• $20.00 Library fee each semester enrolled.
• $20.00 Technology fee each semester enrolled.

The following requirements and conditions apply:
• Student must meet the admission requirements.
• They must complete a class registration form
• Attending class as an auditor is permitted on a space-available basis.
• Registration for an audited course will appear on the transcript with a grade of AU.
• Not all courses may be audited.
• A student does not receive academic credit for an audited course.