Masgutova Graduate School


Program: Master of Science in NeuroDevelopmental Sciences

Credits: 60 credits
Delivery Method: Hybrid (Online and in-Person)

The Master's in Science degree will focus on Neurodevelopmental Science with four areas of concentration. Students may elect to concentrate on Infants, Trauma & Stress, Education/Academic, or General Practice. Throughout the program students will be immersed in a combination of theory, practice and research as applies to neurosensorimotor reflex integration. Students who enroll in this program are professionals who already hold at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in a health, psychology, wellness or education related field; or a bachelor's degree from another profession interested in Neurodevelopmental Sciences. Upon graduation students will have the tools and education to directly help those with neurosensorimotor, neuromodulation and neurodevelopmental challenges that effect life skills found in the cognitive, emotional, and physical areas.

Program Objectives:

  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply up to date theory on neurosensorimotor reflex integration within their career path.
  2. Students will discriminate between the various protocols utilized within neurosensorimotor reflex integration.
  3. Students will integrate the protocols within the neurosensorimotor reflex integration method to establish the best plans for the individual and group tailored to each customer's specific needs.
  4. Students will analyze research to determine if the research is credible, valid, and reliable.
  5. Students' Thesis will add to the ongoing education and contribute to the innovative pedagogy of the neurosensorimotor reflex integration field by meeting APA publication requirements and possible peer-reviewed journal standards.

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Program: Non-Degree Seeking

Credits: 0 credits (Courses are taking as an Auditor, so Acadedmic credit is not earned.)
Delivery Method: Hybrid