Masgutova Graduate School



History of Dr. Masgutova

The knowledge base Dr. Masgutova accessed through her education and in her later studies is not only broad, spanning from physiology, neurology, and psychology to audiology, ophthalmology/neuro-optometry, and more, but also deep, as she drew from resources ahead of their time, with most making notable breakthroughs in and out of their respective fields during their lifetimes. 

Dr. Masgutova has held true to her promise to make the study of reflexes the focus of her life work. In 2020, she transformed this study into the broader context of higher education, and established The Masgutova Graduate School, offering online and on-campus courses leading to a Master of Science.  Read More



Purpose and Mission

The mission of The Masgutova Graduate School of Neurodevelopmental Sciences is to provide the leading career-focused, educational opportunity based on the innovative concepts for neurodevelopment, neuromodulation, and neurosensorimotor reflex integration.

This innovative master's degree targets an interdisciplinary population of health, counseling, wellness and education professionals and assists students in following their career path in continued research and development for the application of sensorimotor reflex integration and neuromodulation with their target population. Read More