Masgutova Graduate School

"I'm humbled to be selected as the president of the Board of Managers. I look forward to bringing my business skills and acumen to the role to drive the business parts of the Masgutova Graduate School. The mission of this organization is inspiring and it has the potential to help save countless lives. I want to be part of that!"

Rob Cavaliere has more than 30 years of leadership experience in functional business roles from leading Fortune 500 financial services and insurance companies. He has proficiency in sales management, business development, account management, product development, product management, channel management, and corporate strategy along with a successful record of developing and managing high performing teams. Rob brings a passion for driving success within organizations to all his career and board positions.

Rob is an avid traveler who appreciates learning about diverse cultures and world views. Rob believes this helps him broaden his perspective and allows him to think differently—which can be beneficial to his work and his life. Aside from his work, Rob loves fishing and finds there's no better time to think than when out on the water.