Masgutova Graduate School

Dr. Forgione holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Education in Special Education from the University of Central Florida and a Doctorate of Education in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University. 

She has devoted her career to education based on the philosophy that everyone can learn given access and the proper support and tools.

Her K12 teaching experience took place in Florida where she taught a wide range of individuals with special needs at the middle school and high school levels. Her transition to higher education brought her to North Carolina where she has held a variety of positions. Most recently she has served as the Director of General Education, the Director of eLearning, and Associate Professor of Instructional Design.

Among her greatest achievements is receiving the Dr. Charles L. Faires Dissertation of Distinction Award for her 2012 doctoral research study "Web Accessibility for Postsecondary Students With Disabilities: A Collective Case Study".