Masgutova Graduate School

Dr. Shackleford holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Early Childhood Education, a Master's in Special Education and an Ed. S. in School Psychology from the University of Florida. She is also a MNRI® Core Specialist and an Instructor for the Masgutova Method. She is licensed in the State of Florida as a School Psychologist and a Mental Health Counselor. She is a nationally certified School Psychologist.

She has devoted her life to helping children and adults improve learning, productivity, behavior and reduce stress and trauma using scientifically proven educational techniques as well as body and reflex movements and wellness information. Her philosophy is that all learners, from infancy through adulthood should have skills to maintain balance and harmony in their lives through moving into physical, emotional, social, academic and cognitive positive growth and development.

Dr. Shackleford has over forty year's experience as a classroom teacher, school psychologist, college course developer and instructor, operating a private practice, international instructor, MNRI® Core Specialist and Instructor, and owner of small businesses.